Will Marvel’s Spider-Man Be Free With PS Plus In June 2020?

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Will Marvel’s Spider Man Be Free With PS Plus In June 2020?
Will Marvel’s Spider Man Be Free With PS Plus In June 2020?

Spider-Man, or by its full name Marvel’s Spider-Man, was an action-adventure video game developed by Insomniac Games. It is published exclusively by Sony Interactive Entertainment for its latest console, the PlayStation 4.

Due to the renowned protagonist and character of the Marvel comics, the game became a sensation for that year. It is recognized as one of the best titles on PS4.

But not only the character, but international video game critics also praised its gameplay for presenting Spider-Man character very similar to what is expected in the comics or was seen in the Marvel Studios movies. Besides, its shocking story left many fans wanting more for the sequel to those responsible for Sunset Overdrive and Ratchet & Clank.

Considering all his achievements, it would seem possible to think that this video game would somehow arrive for free on the platform. Still, a rumor that it will be part of the June special selection by Sony for its paid subscription PS Plus has gained strength in the social networks.

Could it be a reality? In this article, we will analyze the possibilities that the company has to offer. We also show you how the rumors began in the social networks that now many consider an absolute truth.

Free Marvel’s Spider-Man For PS4 On PS Plus?

The subscription to the PlayStation Plus, or summarized PS Plus, is a monthly payment format. With this, its users can play some games online, get special discounts on their purchases, have early access to titles before their release, and some games free every month for them to enjoy without paying for them.

This practice has been constant since the PS4 was launched in the United States. Now, hundreds of thousands of users around the world pay their monthly fee to this service religiously, eagerly awaiting the next free games that they will be able to enjoy for being loyal customers to Sony.

That is why the topic of knowing what the free video games of the month are is a vital topic for gamers. When a rumor arises that the next title to be part of the free collection would be Spider-Man of 2018, many will renew their subscription just for the chance to enjoy it if they can’t buy it directly. Recently this rumor was spread on the Internet through the VG247 website, which stated that some users saw in the official PlayStation store that Spider-Man was “free” with the logo and the classic color of the games given through PS Plus. Above this indication, there was the final price of the game as if it differentiated Plus users from regular users.

Now, this website still warns that the image in question could be true, but it would be a well-known platform bug.

Could it be a store mistake? Yes, it is possible. The company may not have noticed that the error they made the previous month had happened again. However, when they added it to the shopping bag, it appeared with its regular price or with its respective discount, but definitely not free.

For its part, Sony only confirmed that one of the video games that they will give away for a month would be Call of Duty: WWII, allowing it to be downloaded from May 26 for all PS Plus users. The official list of games for PS Plus is still unconfirmed in June, but it will not belong to really discover if Spider-Man will be on it or not.

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  1. Welp, as a spiderman fan I would really want that it be given out freely. Great of them to throw in Call of Duty though. This might be a great time to get my hands on a PS5. Lol!

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