Will Little Nightmares II Have Ultrawide Support?

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Will Little Nightmares II Have Ultrawide Support

Ultrawide support is something fans have been asking for since the first Little Nightmares game. Ultrawide support could mean the difference between a sale and a disappointment. Before the first Little Nightmares game was released, people wondered if it had ultrawide support before they pre-ordered the game. Unfortunately, the first little nightmares didn’t support 21:9 the ultrawide format. This caused some gamers to pass on Little Nightmares completely, but will Little Nightmares II have ultrawide support?

Why Didn’t Little Nightmares Have Ultrawide Support?

Little Nightmares Gameplay Scene

The developers’ explanation for not having ultrawide support was that they didn’t want the player to see too far ahead on some levels. The camera showed just enough of the content to keep the player “thrilled” and “immersed” in the game. They felt having too wide of a game would break the tension Little Nightmares provides. Many players were satisfied with that answer as it was a design choice by the developers (although, some were still not pleased with the decision).

Will Little Nightmares II Have Ultrawide Support?

Little Nightmares Gameplay Scene Forest Cabin

It seems as if history is repeating itself with Little Nightmares 2. There are those wanting ultrawide support for the second game, but the developers are firm in their design choice. There are things off-camera that aren’t meant to be seen until you’re close to the event. We understand that Little Nightmares 2 not having ultrawide support is for immersion, and they’re not going to use time and resources to cater to the handful of upset people with 21:9 monitors.

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