Will Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Support Local Co-op?

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Will Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Support Local Co-op
Will Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Support Local Co-op

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles was Square’s first title back on a Nintendo Console since breaking away to work on Final Fantasy VII for Sony. After Microsoft’s Xbox entered the console wars, Sony allowed Square to develop games for both Nintendo and Sony, which led to the development of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles in 2001. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles was a spinoff of the main Final Fantasy series. There were a few notable differences, the main one being the first couch co-op multiplayer feature in the series.

Up to four players were able to play on one Nintendo GameCube console using Game Boy Advances as a controller to use spells, items, and different commands. It was an interesting concept that many were hoping would be brought back into the remastered edition.

In 2018, Square Enix announced the remasted version of the game with upgraded graphics, a new musical score, new dungeons, voice acting, and multiplayer. However, the game’s multiplayer option was kept under wraps until recently when it was announced that local co-op would not be coming back.


This was upsetting news for those hoping to sit around with their friends on their Nintendo Switches, hoping there would be a similar feature for local co-op. At first, there was a handful who believed there would be local co-op, like the GameCube title, as the wording for the multiplayer on PlayStation’s website hinted of the feature.

Unfortunately, Square Enix squashed those rumors on their Japanese Twitter account, letting players know there would not be an offline multiplayer. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t going to be online multiplayer. Online multiplayer for Final Fantasy Chrystal Chronicles has already been confirmed. The best news about the online multiplayer for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is only one of the players needs to own a copy of the game. That means there can be up to three other players who can join the main player with a Crystal Chronicles Remastered Lite demo. Square Enix has also announced cross-play support, meaning players on the Nintendo Switch can play with those on a PlayStation 4.

That’s good news for those who wanted to have local co-op on one system because players can still be physically close to each other while playing the same game. The game won’t be on the same system. This opens up the capability to play remotely or within arm’s reach, depending on their situation. It all boiled down to choosing whether to have local co-op or having online co-op, and it made more sense to go with the latter because of how advanced technology has come since Crystal Chronicle’s 2003 release.

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