Will Elder Scrolls VI Still Release For The PlayStation 5

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Will Elder Scrolls VI Still Release For The PlayStation 5
Will Elder Scrolls VI Still Release For The PlayStation 5

Earlier this week, many gamers woke up to either Hell on Earth or Christmas in September: Microsoft bought out Bethesda. To say this sent shockwaves through the gaming industry would be an absolute understatement.

Not to mention this left potential PlayStation 5 owners trembling in their shoes, wondering if their favorite Bethesda series, The Elder Scrolls, will still release for the PlayStation 5. While The Elder Scrolls series is guaranteed to continue on Microsoft’s PC and Xbox systems, many wonder if Skyrim’s entry in the series for Sony’s PlayStation will be their last.

To be fair, we should have been cautious with our wording because, knowing the Elder Scrolls series, it’s probably not even going to see the next-generation PlayStation or Xbox systems. It’s basically a meme at this point to expect The Elder Scrolls VI for the PlayStation 6 and whatever weird combination of the letter the next Xbox decides to do.

Unfortunately, right now, there’s no confirmation as to whether the Elder Scrolls VI will release for the PlayStation 5. Microsoft bought out Mojang, and we’re still seeing Minecraft property outside of the Xbox and PC. Of course, that’s not to say Microsoft isn’t going to use the fact that they own The Elder Scrolls series to leverage more sales for the Xbox. Still, we trust they’re not going to make the horribly-Richard (using Richard because we don’t want to use the other word on the internet) move and keeping The Elder Scrolls VI to themselves.

Imagine the riots in the streets if The Elder Scrolls VI was exclusive to the Xbox? Console wars would turn into real wars—fedoras flying everywhere. No one would lose their lives because we would only be yelling really loud at each other with no substance at all. If anything, any deaths would be from a hypertensive crisis over all the yelling.

Right now, the proverbial ball is in Microsoft’s court, and they’re going to enjoy holding onto this information for a while.

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