Why You Shouldn’t Use Discord When Playing Phasmophobia

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Why You Shouldn’t Use Discord When Playing Phasmophobia
Why You Shouldn’t Use Discord When Playing Phasmophobia

Before we begin, there’s nothing wrong with using Discord to coordinate runs with other players, talk about tips, vent your frustrations, or just hang out. Discord is one of the best ways to foster a community around games like Phasmophobia. However, using Discord voice chat instead of Phasmophobia’s voice chat can make it harder to find ghosts in the game.

Can Ghosts Hear You In Phasmophobia?

If you’re playing with mouse and keyboard, then you’re probably already aware that pressing “V” is the key for the local push to talk option. This option allows players to communicate with players nearby as well as ghosts. However, is talking on Discord voice chat, keeping you from stirring up ghost activity?

Can Ghosts Still Hear You If You’re Not Talking In-Game?

Right now, there’s no obvious answer. Some claim you need to press the local push-to-talk option to speak to ghosts while others claim the ghosts can always hear you. There’s no official word yet (and we’re sure no one’s doing the scientific method inside of a haunted house). For now, do what others do and keep pressing “V” as a force of habit until the developers address how the ghosts listen in on your conversations.

Can You Still Use Discord For Phasmophobia?

We’re not discouraging the use of Discord at all. In fact, many people gather up in Discord voice chat just in case your Phasmophobia game crashes or disconnects from the lobby. However, you should follow these steps:

  1. Gather the group in Discord beforehand.
  2. Create a private lobby in Phasmophobia.
  3. Use Discord voice chat to distribute the private lobby codes.
  4. Once the game starts, ask everyone to mute their Discord microphone and use the in-game voice options.

Talking in Phasmophobia will help stir up ghost activity faster, especially if the ghost is easily angered by hearing its name.

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