Why Steve In Smash Makes Perfect Sense

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Why Steve In Smash Makes Perfect Sense
Why Steve In Smash Makes Perfect Sense

As many gamers who stay up late on weekdays completely ignoring the health benefits of sleep, I awoke around noon to the internet exploding about new Smash characters.

Now, if you’re a part of the Smash Community, then you already know it ranks in anyone’s top 10 toxic gaming communities. Those of us who don’t really care who or what they add to the Smash roster enjoy doom-scrolling through hashtags to see just how entitled older gamers can be. Now that Steve was announced as one of the new characters they’re adding to the Smash roster, we can tell you why it makes perfect sense.

Steve In Smash Makes Sense

Newsflash boomers: half of the Smash roster are already from games you “grew up with.” Stand aside. It’s time to appeal to the younger generation. If the first thing you think of after reading that last sentence was to bring up “Pikachu,” then you’ve completely lost the concept of time. 2006 wasn’t five years ago.

Steve is the character Generation Z grew up with. He’s recognizable. He’s going to pull in the demographic who played Minecraft for fun instead of playing it for the sake of streaming. These were kids who asked for their parent’s phones when they were bored so they could play Minecraft Lite. Parents would purchase affordable tablets as pseudo-babysitters so their creative child could spend hours playing with virtual blocks.

The older generations asking for some obscure character from old roleplaying games don’t understand what Steve means to the younger generation. Super Smash Bros. has always been for everyone.

Steve Can Fight

Finally, to say Steve has gone through some stuff would be an understatement. He’s dropped in the middle of a forest with absolutely nothing but his fists to start punching trees? Who said he doesn’t deserve to be in Smash? With his fists, he creates tools. His fists start entire worlds. If anything, the Smash roster should be afraid of what Steve can do.

When Will Steve From Minecraft Come To Smash?

  1. Steve will come to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on October 3rd.
  2. Steve was announced by Masahiro Sakurai to be part of Smash Ultimate’s DLC Fighters pass 2.
  3. There is little know about Steve’s abilities yet in Smash Ultimate.

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