Why Is The Exorcism Book In Ghost Hunters Corp Not Working?

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Why Is The Exorcism Book In Ghost Hunters Corp Not Working

The Exorcism Book in Ghost Hunters Corp is something that shocked veterans of Phasmophobia. The reason it was shocking (in a good way) was because, in Phasmophobia, you only find out the ghost type and run straight back to the van. In Ghost Hunters Corp, you’re expected to not only deduce the ghost type, but rid the location of its presence as well.

Ghost Hunters Corp Exorcism Book Text and Crucifix

The Exorcism Book has players reading the following lines:

You who haunt this place, in the name of the Lord, I command you to go back where you came from! Let your soul return to the earth. Let your body return to the dust! So be the will of God.

However, for some reason, the book doesn’t work all the time. Here are a couple of reasons why the Exorcism Book isn’t working for you in Ghost Hunters Corp.

You’re Not Holding The Book In Your Hand

Many Phasmophobia veterans are used to throwing books on the ground and hoping they work. However, you can’t just throw the Exorcism Book on the ground and read it from there. It needs to be in your hand.

You’re Dealing With The Wrong Ghost Type

Not all ghost types in Ghost Hunters Corp will fear the Exorcism Book. For example, the Exorcism Book only works on ghost types like Shadows, so you have to make sure (once you figure out what type of ghost it is and get some evidence) that you look at the exorcism report.

You Actually Have To Be Inside of The House

Every group we’ve played with in Ghost Hunters Corp likes to crowd the front door since the ghost wanders the entire house and doesn’t have a specific room it likes to sit in like in Phasmophobia. Standing right outside the door doesn’t mean you’re safe, so you have to actually go inside of the house for the Exorcism Book to work.

You’re Having Microphone Issues

Make sure you test your microphone every time you log into Ghost Hunters Corp. If the game isn’t detecting your voice, then the ghost won’t be able to hear you. You could also be speaking too fast or too slow.

The Exorcism Book Could Be Bugged

We’ve had a couple of games where, no matter what we did, the Exorcism Book wasn’t working at all. It could be a bug since Ghost Hunters Corp is still in early access. Even though Phasmophobia has been around for a year now, it still has its fair share of bugs.

What other issues are you having with your Exorcism Book not working?

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