Why Is Omori Crashing?

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Why Is Omori Crashing

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Everyone was so eager to get into Omori the moment it dropped on Christmas Day, and we’re all understandably excited to get our hands on a game that some have waited to play for over half a decade. However, some users are complaining about the game crashing.

Why Is Omori Crashing?

Omori Game Screen Dialogue

You’re not able to save the game in Omori until you get out to the picnic area to meet with Mari and Basil. That means if your game crashes before then, you’ll have to start the game again. It’s not that big of a deal; it’s only about five to ten minutes before you get to the picnic area, depending on how fast you have your text speed.

The crashing in Omori is related to compatibility issues with a gamepad.

How Can I Avoid Gamepad Compatibility Issues In Omori?

Omori Video Game Book

For now, there’s nothing you can do to fix the gamepad compatibility issue in Omori besides using the default gamepad settings. The compatibility issue in Omori is caused by players trying to change button assignments. If you’re experiencing Omori crashing, try:

  • Resetting the game and only using the default gamepad settings.
  • Using the keyboard settings instead.

Omocat has explained that an Omori gamepad hotpatch is coming soon to rectify the crashing, but following these tips, for now, is a temporary fix.

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