Why Does The Ghost Kill So Fast In Phasmophobia Now?

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Why Does The Ghost Kill So Fast In Phasmophobia Now

The first thing many asked after Phasmophobia’s Exposition update was how the ghost was able to move so quickly now. In the older version of Phasmophobia, when the ghost started hunting, we could see the ghost for five seconds so we knew exactly where to go to hide. However, things are different.

How Fast Can The Ghost In Phasmophobia Hunt Now?

When Phasmophobia’s Exposition update dropped, the ghost stopped showing itself when it began hunting. That means, we never truly know when the hunt begins if we’re nowhere near it. The only way we’ll know if the ghost is hunting is if we hear it making distant sounds, the door is locked, and the equipment is glitching out. The ghost started hunting after three seconds, but it was increased to four seconds after complaints. Still, it’s faster than the old Phasmophobia.

Phasmophobia How fast can a ghost hunt now

The Ghost Can Detect Your Equipment

Phasmophobia Ghost can you detect you equipment

We’ve played Phasmophobia for so long that we’re used to holding things in our hand when the ghost is hunting and we’d be perfectly safe. Now, the ghost can find you if it hears equipment going off in your hand. When it starts glitching out, that means the ghost is nearby. You should turn them off if you want to live.

As soon as you hear the sound of the ghost hunting in Phasmophobia, turn everything off and run. The ghosts are much deadlier and kill faster after Phasmophobia’s Exposition update.

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