Why Did My item Drop Through The Floor In Phasmophobia

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Why Did My item Drop Through The Floor In Phasmophobia
Why Did My item Drop Through The Floor In Phasmophobia

Earlier, we were trying out the new prison map in Phasmophobia. This map is only available in the unstable beta build, so we were expecting anything to happen. However, we didn’t realize we would lose a crucial piece of equipment: one thermometer.

What Happened To The Thermometer?

We were only playing with two people, so we didn’t need to bring more than one thermometer. We both grabbed our respective thermometers before proceeding to the entrance of the prison, which, by the way, is a very long walk. I decided, before going into the prison to stage things at the entrance. This was a mistake because I dropped the thermometer at the steps of the prison to have more room to carry more stuff to the door, and the thermometer completely disappeared.

Where Did The Thermometer Go?

The thermometer displayed traits of an earlier bug in Phasmophobia where items would clip completely through the floor when dropped. Except, this time, it was clear the thermometer itself wasn’t bugged, just that the stairs themselves clearly weren’t solid in the game.

Why Did My Item Drop Through The Floor?

Since we only had one thermometer, I had to bring another piece of sweeping equipment: the parabolic mic. While some think it’s useless, it’s useful when playing in smaller groups to help pinpoint the general direction the ghost is in with larger maps.

Be careful when dropping items through stairs, on beds, or anything that isn’t the floor itself while the game is in its unstable beta build.

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