Why Am I Getting Texture Flickering In The Medium?

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Why Am I Getting Texture Flickering In The Medium
Why Am I Getting Texture Flickering In The Medium

If you’re experiencing texture flickering in the Medium, you’re not alone. Even those playing with an SSD and updated drivers on good graphics cards are experiencing texture flickering when they’re playing.

Will Turning Off Ray Tracing Help With Texture Flickering?

The Medium Game Walking In The Forest

Some players are trying to turn off ray tracing to see if it helps with the texture flickering in the game. Unfortunately, that didn’t seem to help. What about lowering the graphics in The Medium?

Does Lowering The Graphics Help Texture Flickering In The Medium?

The Medium Video Game NIWA On The Wall

If you haven’t experienced weird flickers over your textures yet, you may start to notice them once you reach Niwa. Turning down shaders doesn’t seem to help people. Some have turned their overall graphics all the way to low and then back to ultra, which some claim will fix the texture flickering in The Medium. Unfortunately, this texture flickering is immersion-breaking and already has people putting down the game. So far, there are lots of complaints about how poorly optimized the game is. Even those who have decent computer specs are having issues running the game at a consistent 60 fps.

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  1. For me I found if I set “Effects Quality” in the advanced graphics option from High to Medium (the irony) the texture flickering ceased.

    1. thanks for taking time to comment
      can confirm this worked for me as well on an alienware aurora R7

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