Why Am I Getting A Black Screen Loading The Medium?

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Why Am I Getting A Black Screen Loading The Medium

Some Steam players and those who downloaded The Medium for Xbox Gamepass on PC are experiencing a black screen trying to load the game. Even those running the game on an SSD and updated video card can’t get past the Blooper Team logo before encountering an endless black screen. Is there a way to fix it?

Try Restarting Your Entire Computer

The Medium Video Game First Screen

This sounds like the easiest fix, but some players experiencing a black screen when loading The Medium have tried restarting entirely. This seems to fix the issue for them.

Updating Your Video Card

The Medium Video Game Walking Towards Door

This one also sounds like an obvious fix but make sure your video card is updated. However, some who claim to have updated their video cards are still experiencing a black screen when trying to load the Medium.

Xbox Game Pass Fix

The Medium Video Game Marianne I Did Not Expect This To Be Easy
The Medium Video Game Marianne I Did Not Expect This To Be Easy.

One Reddit user has found a temporary fix.

  • Close The Medium with the task manager
  • A message will pop up after the application is force closed
  • Leave that message window open
  • Restart the game
  • Close the message UI using task manager once you’re past the black screen

It sounds tedious, but hopefully, it fixes any issues with the black screen on The Medium so you can start playing.

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  1. I went to app settings and clicked the Repair and Reset buttons, that did the trick for me. I’m using gamepass btw

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