Why Am I Getting A Black Screen After Running From The Monster In The Medium?

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Why Am I Getting A Black Screen After Running From The Monster In The Medium

After a certain point, you’ll run into a monster in the Niwa Hotel. Up to this point, you haven’t had anything dangerous happen in The Medium. However, after you get through the manager’s office, you’ll run into the monster in The Medium: The Maw. Unfortunately, some players are experiencing a game-breaking bug after they get through the monster chase.

Escaping The Maw

The Medium Game - Encountering The Maw

After finishing the clock puzzle in the manager’s office in Niwa, you’ll set off a chain of events that leads you to your first encounter with The Maw. When you’re running down the hallway, the camera is fixed behind Marianne. Don’t keep running forward once you hear The Maw scream. Run to the left (Marianne’s left).

Take a right at the intersection. Be prepared to take another right when you get to the next intersection. Move towards the crack you see in the wall. After that, take a left. Take your next right, and stay with the left wall. After some more evasive maneuvers, you’ll move through a hole where you’re safe from The Maw.

Unfortunately, after escaping The Maw, some players are getting a black screen.

Trying To Load The Save

The Medium Game - Battling With The Monster The Maw

It’s not as heart-pumping hiding from The Maw in the real world because the monster can’t see you, but some players won’t know this because they get a black screen after escaping the monster.

The developer has a temporary fix. Once you escape The Maw, you’ll see an autosave, but don’t leave at that point to decompress. Continue playing until you get to a second autosave point. Unfortunately, the only workaround now is to reload an earlier save point before the chase. This might be before the clock puzzle, which is frustrating for some players.

We’ll have to wait for a patch for this, and it’s unplayable unless you follow the developer’s workaround.

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