Who Else Just Found Out About Omori?

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Who Else Just Found Out About Omori

All right, we have to admit; we were a little late to the party. Omori has supposedly been in development for almost a decade, and it was only in this rather upsetting year of 2020 that we found out of its existence. To be fair, we’re not the only ones. We weren’t really paying attention back when the game was getting funded over five years ago, so we’re only latching on to the news now that we’ve discovered it from Steam pushing it as an upcoming psychological horror title.

There’s Already A Fanbase

Omori Virtuoso Mole

There’s been a fanbase since before the Kickstarter (apparently). In fact, some have waited diligently for news for the past six years. Others are now returning to the hype train after jumping off a couple of years ago from disappointment.

Speaking Of Disappointment

Omori Gator Guy

The hype train has been somewhat disappointing for those who have been around the whole time. They watched as development updates went silent except for the game’s creator, Omocat, promoting her clothing line. After scrolling through Twitter hashtags, Reddit, and other forums, it looks like those of us who came in later dodged a massive bullet.

Omori Is Finally Coming

Omori Facial Emotion Expressions

While we don’t have the emotional investment others have made into Omori, the game is still releasing on December 25th, 2020, so we’re excited about it. We might be late to the party, but since the “party” was apparently a whole dramatic poop-show (we won’t use the bad word here), we’d like to place it on the list of “top 10 dodged bullets” of our lifetime.

We empathize with those who have waited since the Kickstarter. We’ve been there.

Who else has only recently found out about Omori?

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  1. the problem was the developer focused more on her clothing line than working on the game. Even in their platform which I think was the ace version of rpg maker, it shouldn’t take more than 1-2 years at most for a decent game

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