Which Among Us Map Is The Best?

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Which Among Us Map Is The Best
Which Among Us Map Is The Best

When the game first came out in 2018, the only available map was The Skeld. However, in 2020, there are two new maps: MIRA HQ and Polus. However, if you try to make a lobby for anything but The Skeld, everyone will drop out the moment they see the map.

Why Do People Only Play The Skeld?

People believe The Skeld is the best map because it’s the most balanced. Maybe it’s also because it’s the map everyone is used to. The Skeld isn’t huge like Polus, and many believe MIRA HQ gives too much of an advantage for the imposter.

Is The Skeld The Best Map In Among Us?

Until there’s any semblance of balance in the other maps (or more people are okay with playing anything but The Skeld), it seems The Skeld is the best map solely because of its popularity. It’s the easiest map to play for newer players, the emergency button is relatively central, and venting doesn’t give access to large portions of the map like the Polus.

Just look at these vents; you can go clear across the Polus map if you are the imposter.

At least the vents in The Skeld make it fair for everyone.

Which map is your favorite map in Among Us?

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