Where To Find The Joke Book In Omori?

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Where To Find The Joke Book In Omori
Where To Find The Joke Book In Omori

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After making your way to the top of the container mountain near the end of the Junkyard, you’ll come across a couch and a joke board that you can interact with at the top.

Omori Wiki Good To Have Some Jokes On Hand

After being forced to read a horribly generic joke, the joke board implies the existence of a joke book, but where is it?

Where Is The Joke Book In Omori?

Omori Game Wiki You Ready To Do This Omori

There’s still a bit of the game you have to get through before you can enter the area where the joke book is. You need to finish up the prologue in the Otherworld. There are about two hours of gameplay between the joke board and getting to the joke book (depending on how fast you go).

Omori Game Wiki Leaving The Dream World

You’ll leave the dream world and head back to the real world for a bit. However, when you’re all done and going back to the dream world after fighting your way through Sunny’s spider-infested anxiety, you can enter Pyrefly Forest.

Omori Game Wiki Pyrefly Forest

Pyrefly Forest is to the left of the stump. If you’ve tried going this way before, you’ll notice a spider web blocked it. However, you’re able to enter this forest now.

Omori Game Wiki Do You Want To Throw 10 Clams Into The Lake

Once you enter, you’re prompted to throw clams into a lake.

Omori Game Wiki Weeping Willow Money Can Buy Happiness

A Weeping Willow will appear and tell you that money isn’t doing anything for her.

Omori Game Wiki Weeping Willow Can You Do Something Funny For Me

She’ll ask if you can tell her a joke. Unfortunately, you don’t have any jokes to tell yet.

Omori Game Wiki There Is An Empty Joke Book Here

However, there is a convenient joke book nearby for you to pick up and start collecting jokes.

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