Where To Find The Flower For The Vase In Niwa Hotel In The Medium?

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Where To Find The Flower For The Vase In Niwa Hotel In The Medium

Are you stuck on a puzzle in The Medium? As you’re making your way upstairs to reconnect with Sadness in the Niwa hotel, you’ll come across an obvious energy well. You’ll be stuck behind a hallway of moths. The only way to get through is to find an energy well so you can use your spirit shield.

The Medium Game Guide - Looking For An Energy Well

You’ll locate this energy well in the room where you do your first point of recollection to recall the memories of the area. You’ll see an empty flower vase to the side in the real world that’s an energy well in the spirit world. Obviously, placing a flower in the vase will activate the well so you can draw energy from the well.

The Medium Game Guide - Walking Outside Through The Exposed Wall

You’ll want to make your way outside through the exposed wall. Move along the wall where you’ll see an entryway into another room blocked by energy. In the spirit world, it’s blocked by a wall of skin. When you examine this skin, it’s clear you need a sharp object to cut through it so Marianne can walk through it in the real world.

The Medium Game Guide - Moving Quickly Along The Wall

Use your out-of-body ability to move Marianne quickly along the wall into another side of the room.

The Medium Game Guide - The Spirit World Is Giving Off Energy

When you get into the room, you’ll notice a flower pot in the spirit world giving off energy. You’ll need to find a way to get Marianne into this room to grab the flower.

The Medium Game Guide - A Bathtub Filled With Blood

In the room is a bathroom with a tub full of blood. As you enter the room, you’ll get a small scare before you can enter the bathroom unimpeded.

The Medium Game Guide - Drain The Bathtub Filled With Blood

Drain the bathtub.

The Medium Game Guide - Grab The Razor Blade

Once you drain the bathtub, grab the razor blade.

The Medium Game Guide - Head Back To The Skinned Wall

Head back to the skin on the wall and cut through it.

The Medium Game Guide - Go Back To The Flower Pot

Go back to the flower pot you saw in the spirit world, and you’ll see a withered flower that’s still giving off energy.

The Medium Game Guide - Put The Flow Into The Flow Pot

Bring the flower back to the vase, where the well will activate with energy.

The Medium Game Guide - Summon The Spirit Energy
The Medium Game Guide - Use The Spirit Shield To Pass The Hallway Of Moths

You can now use your spirit shield to move through the hallway of moths and continue your search for Sadness.

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