Where Is The Weeping Willow In Omori?

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Where Is The Weeping Willow In Omori

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If you’ve run into the joke boards as you’re playing Omori, don’t worry, you will need them eventually. Later in the game, you’ll meet the Weeping Willow, who doesn’t want your clams but wants you to do something funny. This is where the joke book and the joke boards come in handy, but where is the Weeping Willow in Omori?

How To Find The Weeping Willow

  • Progress through Omori until you can enter Pyrefly Forest.
  • As soon as you enter Pyrefly Forest, take a left.
  • You will enter an area with a waterfall, approach the bottom of the waterfall and throw ten clams into the lake.
  • You will summon the Weeping Willow.
Omori Game Wiki Weeping Willow The Goddess Of The Lake

The Weeping Willow doesn’t sound very pleased.

Omori Game Wiki Weeping Money Can Not Happiness

It’s not very happy with your clams, what are they going to do with it?

Omori Game Wiki Weeping Willow Do Something Funny For Me

However, the weeping willow will ask you for a joke.

Omori Game Wiki There Is An Empty Joke Book Here Pick It Up

Take the joke book next to you. From that point, you can start collecting jokes from the joke boards as you progress through Omori.

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