Where is the O key in Omori?

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Where is the O key in Omori

In the Omori game you can obtain a number of keys. These keyboard keys are labeled with a capital letter. The letter keys start with A all the way to Z. You can find the N key here.

Omori Location Key O

You can find the Omori O Key near the entrance of Last Resort close to the pool. The O letter key is clear visible.

Only Omori can collect the O Key. In case Kel, Hero or Aubrey are leading the party the O letter key will be semi-transparent. A semi-transparent key can not be collected.

Omori Game Guide There Is A Hole Here Look Into The Hole

Looking for Key P. Find the Omori Key P.

You can find all Omori key locations here.

This overview is intended to help you in obtaining every possible achievement in Omori game.

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