Where Is The Kite Kid In Omori?

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Where Is The Kite Kid In Omori

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If you’ve been hanging around any Omori discussions such as Reddit or Discord, you’ve probably heard of the Kite Kid and his Kid’s Kite as you’re trying to avoid spoilers. It’s always fun to try to find things on your own, but if you’re struggling to find the Kite Kid, let us help.

Omori Game Wiki Otherworld C Bench

Do you remember there was a ladder in the pinwheel similar to the one that leads to the Otherworld? If you go up there (after Omori gets over his fear of heights), you’ll finally grab the C key on the bench.

Omori Game Wiki Otherworld Platform

There’s also a platform where Kel can dislodge an item from one of the broken pinwheels.

Omori Game Wiki Fancy seeing you all the way up here

When you head further onto the little floating island, you’ll see Mari. Mari is normally an indication that you should save before a big encounter. Make sure Omori and friends are healed up with her food before talking to the boy flying his kite right behind her.

Omori Kite Kid Stares At His Kite In Deep Concentration

When you click on Kite Boy, disturbing him will trigger a fight from a kid who wants to show you how close a boy and his kite can be.

Omori Game Wiki Aubrey Headbutts Kite Kid

Don’t go after the kite in this battle. Kite Boy will just repair it. Your best strategy for taking down Kite Boy is to attack him directly.

Omori Game Wiki Kite Kid Flying His Kite

After the battle, Kite Boy will go back to flying his kite while Omori and friends join him.

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