Where Is The Key Under The Wet Pillow In Omori?

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Where Is The Key Under The Wet Pillow In Omori
Where Is The Key Under The Wet Pillow In Omori

Teaser trailer for new top-down horror RPG

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If you’re looking for the keys for the hangman game on the laptop in the white space, then you’re probably confused where to find the E key under the wet pillow. However, before you go around looking into every house under every pillow, you should make your way up to the Otherworld.

Omori Video Game Space Pirate Guy Missing Special Mixtape 001

After picking up the quest to search for Space Boyfriend’s special mixtape, Omori and friends adventure through the Junkyard to retrieve it after an adventure through space trash.

Omori Video Game What Will Omori Do Fight Or Run 002

Once you retrieve the special mixtape, Omori and his friends encounter an angry Space Boyfriend, who is now Space Ex-Boyfriend, because of Kel antagonizing him with the special mixtape.

Omori Video Game You Got Train Pass 003

Once Space Ex-Boyfriend is defeated, he’ll revert to Captain Spaceboy where he’ll give you a sno-cone ticket and a train pass.

Omori Video Game Captain Spaceboy Bed 004

Once he and his crew leaves, you’ll notice there’s something glowing under Captain Spaceboys pillow. Run over and click on it.

Omori Video Game Captain Spaceboys Pillow 005

The E Key under the wet blanket will reveal itself.

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