Where is the Far Reaching Hook in Visage?

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Visage Reaching Hook Dolores Chapter

We start Visage Dolores Chapter 2 in Visage with the assumption you still have the keys from the previous chapter: Lucy Chapter.

Before you can get the far reaching hook in the Visage Dolores chapter you need to start with the mirrors. There are three mirrors that are covered. You need to locate these mirrors and unveil them.

Start Visage and walk down the stairs passing the telephone on the right. Do not pick up the phone. Walk straight forward and go to your left. On the right side of the corridor there is a door with a mirror.

Visage Door With A Mirror
Visage Dolores Chapter – Door with mirror.

Switch the light on. The light switch is on the left side. Now remove the cover from the mirror. The mirror will vanish once you walk out of the room.  Now walk to the living room. Enter the living you and you notice the second mirror covered with a white sheet.

Visage Mirror Covered With White Sheet
Visage Dolores Chapter – Mirror covered in living room

Again uncover the this mirror also. Also this mirror disappears when you leave the room. The third mirror is onto top of the room in the living room. Walk up the stairs and go to your left. You see the third mirror.

Uncover the mirror. You need to uncover these mirrors in this order to progress in the game. Walk to the parents room. Grab some pills or the lighter there. Walk down the stairs. You see George down stairs waiting on you. Go through the corridor on the left and again on the left. Just follow George.

Location Visage Far Reaching Hook

Now climb the stairs and go into the progress room. Walk to the left and there is a picture of a couple hanging on the wall with a far reaching hook in it.

The Far Reaching Hook in Visage is in the painting in the progress room.

Visage Reaching Hook
Visage Dolores Chapter – You found far reaching hook

You found the far reaching hook. Now start looking for the slipper in the attic.

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