Where Is Space Boyfriend’s Special Mixtape In The Junkyard?

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Where Is Space Boyfriend’s Special Mixtape In The Junkyard
Where Is Space Boyfriend’s Special Mixtape In The Junkyard

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For those who have been stuck in the Junkyard for what seems like forever, you wonder if you’ll ever find Space Boyfriend’s special mixtape. Fortunately, the Junkyard doesn’t last forever, and you’ll get to the end eventually.

Video Game Hero Emily The Hamster

After Hero clears out the giant cheese wheel using Emily (or EMS), you’ll run into a sprout mole who is looking for the same thing you are.

Omori Video Game Special Mixtape After Digging

The sprout mole’s name is Rosa, and she is not too happy when she finds out there are others looking for the same mixtape.

Omori Video Game Rosa Give Us That Special Mixtape

Rosa eventually runs and, after a brief chase, you’ll find her frozen in time between a bunch of televisions.

Omori Video Game What Will Omori And Friends Do

That’s when you’re attached by the Junkyard boss: Download Window. It’s not a particularly difficult fight (unless you’re woefully underprepared).

After the Download Window fight, Omori and his friends simply walk up and scratch the special mixtape from Rosa before she unfreezes.

Omori Video Game Took Special Mixtape From Rosa

From there, you can take the special mixtape from Rosa, but not before she leaves you with a shocking rumor about Space Boyfriend (we won’t post it in case you don’t want spoilers)

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