Where Do You Get The Daisy In Omori?

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Where Do You Get The Daisy In Omori
Where Do You Get The Daisy In Omori

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So you’ve probably seen the Daisy while browsing around on Omori topics.

Omori Game Wiki Daisy Charm

It’s definitely a decent situational item you can use when a battle calls for one of your wearers to start happy. You might miss more often, but you’ll have better luck and speed. Where can you grab the Daisy charm in Omori?

Where Do You Get The Daisy In Omori?

Omori Game Wiki Forest Playground

When you first enter the Forest Playground, you’ll see a girl hanging out on the left side of the park. Her name is Daisy, and she’s looking for a flower puzzle for someone she likes (it’s clearly for the boy sitting near the puzzle, but we’re not going to say anything). Don’t do what we did and try to roam every inch of the park for the Flower Puzzle because it’s not there.

Omori Game Wiki You Got Flower Puzzle

You’ll find the flower puzzle later in the game when you head to the Otherworld in the Junkyard.

Omori Game Wiki Is That Flower Puzzle For Me

After securing the flower Puzzle for Daisy, head back to the Forest Playground and give it to Daisy (who will also let slip that it’s for NEB all along! Shocker!).

Omori Game Wiki Is That Flower Puzzle For Me

Once you give Daisy the Flower Puzzle, she will hand you the Daisy.

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