Where Do You Find The Extra Keys In Phasmophobia

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Where Do You Find The Extra Keys In Phasmophobia
Where Do You Find The Extra Keys In Phasmophobia

When you’re walking around hunting for a ghost in Phasmophobia, you’ve probably found a key or two inside. It’s confusing when you already picked up the key to enter the house in the first place. However, these keys serve their purpose and are only found on a handful of maps:

What Are The Keys For In Phasmophobia?

The keys are used to open the garage and basement locations on each map. It’s especially important to the garage on maps that have cars in them, such as Tanglewood and Ridgeview. The cars have alarms that can get set off if the ghost is in the area. The ghost will trigger the car alarm to keep players from communicating with each other. The car alarm can also drown out the ghost’s whispers or footsteps.

The ghost has to be within two meters of the car for the car alarm to go off, so any type of interaction with the car means the ghost is in the general area. In order to turn the car alarm off, players need to find the key location in the house. Even if the car alarm is turned off, ghosts can still turn the car alarm back on if it is in the area again.

Where Are The Key Locations In Phasmophobia?

Let’s look at where each key is on each map.

The three key locations in Edgefield Street House are:

  • Directly inside to the right.
  • Up the stairs directly to the left.
  • Inside the living room to the right, as you enter.

The three key locations in Bleasdale Farmhouse are:

  • Enter the kitchen from the living room, directly to the right.
  • Upstairs near the window at the end of the second-floor hallway.
  • Inside the girls’ bedroom in the far right corner.

The three key locations in Tanglewood Street House are:

  • Directly inside the house to the right.
  • Inside the garage on the right side from the laundry room.
  • In the dining room to the left of the dining table.

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