Where Do You Find Batteries In Omori?

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Where Do You Find Batteries In Omori
Where Do You Find Batteries In Omori

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If you haven’t headed East in the Otherworld yet, now is the time to do so.

Omori Game Wiki Loamy Loam Loamy Loam

You’ll come across a lake with, whatever we want to call this thing.

Omori Game Wiki Message In A Bottle

You’ll also see a message in a bottle. We won’t spoil what it says, but it’s mildly cringy. You’ll also see a blue watermelon in the middle of the lake. You won’t be able to go to it yet.

Omori Game Wiki Heading South

Continue south past a venus flytrap monster towards a frozen lake.

Omori Game Wiki SnoCone Heals A Friends Heart And Juice

Omori Game Wiki Sunhat Ghost Looks Aimlessly

Omori Game Wiki Fishing Frozen Lake

Omori Game Wiki Frozen Lake Igloo

Here, you’ll find Mari’s picnic, a sno-cone seller, an ice-fishing spot, and an igloo. As you walk up to the igloo, you’ll see a little ghost pop out of it.

Omori Game Wiki Cold Soup But Why

Walk inside, and you’ll see some curious items. You wonder why they need these in a frigid environment. On the wall, you’ll see one of those singing fish. However, it needs batteries. Where can you get these batteries?

Omori Game Wiki It Needs Batteries

If you haven’t recycled them yet at the recycling machine near Captain Spaceboy’s ship, then you should already have some. However, if you don’t, you should be able to find some by going back through the Junkyard and checking through any items you may have missed. With any luck, Kel should be able to find some when scavenging during fights.

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