Where Can You Buy Or Sell Items In Omori?

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Where Can You Buy Or Sell Items In Omori

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When you leave the White Space for the first time, you’re stopped by a snake who gives you an allowance of 50 clams, but what do you do with them?

Omori Video Game Snake 50 Clams

What Are Clams?

Omori Video Game Recycle Machine Dispensed 10 Clams

Clams are the currency in Omori. You receive them by performing various tasks, at the end of a battle, or by selling items. With these clams, you can purchase items to replenish health (heart), mana (juice), inflict emotion (status) changes on enemies, change emotion changes for players.

Where Can You Buy And Sell Items In Omori?

Omori Video Game Buying Apple Juice

To buy and sell items in Omori, you’ll need to locate one of the talking mailboxes. The first one you encounter is at the end of the playground before you enter the Vast Forest towards Basil’s house.

The mailbox doesn’t let you go without talking to you first, so it’s hard to miss. Make sure you replenish your items at the mailboxes before proceeding to ensure you’re well-stocked for boss battles.

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