Where Can I Find Kel Another Weapon In Omori?

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Where Can I Find Kel Another Weapon In Omori

Kel uses spherical throwing objects as weapons. However, you barely run into any of them during the course of the game. Sometimes, when you do find new weapons, they come with their own skills that the character learns. One of the weapons Kel can find in Omori is called the Coconut. Finding the Coconut also gives Kel the “Juice Me” ability.

Where Do I Find The Coconut In Omori?

Omori Game Guide Head Chef Mole My Dear Sous Chefs

If you want to find this weapon for Kel in Omori, you have to wait until you have access to Sweetheart’s Castle. Once you’re in Sweetheart’s Castle, you’ll have to go to the kitchen. The kitchen is upstairs and to the right. You’ll get a little cutscene with a retiring head chef mole before one takes over and asks you for your help.

Omori Game Guide Sous Chef Mole What Took You So Long

Once you enter the kitchen, you’ll see tables with different items on them.

Omori Game Guide Kel Learned Juice Me

The table on the right side to the back has the Coconut. Breaking the blue watermelon also gives Kel the “Juice Me” ability.

What Is The Juice Me Ability?

Omori Game Guide What Is Juice Me

Kel’s Juice Me ability gives a decent amount of juice to a friend. However, it also damages them. This could pair well with Hero, who depleted a lot of juice for his healing abilities, or with Omori when you’re doing the Sad + Stab combo that takes a lot of juice to perform. It’s very situational; we suggest swapping it in before boss fights.

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