Where Can I Download Omori?

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Where Can I Download Omori
Where Can I Download Omori

Teaser trailer for new top-down horror RPG

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The hyper surrounding Omori is very real, and, so far, the game is paying off after its almost seven-year wait. You see Omori fanart everywhere on the internet, prompting you to question where you can download Omori to play for yourself?

Omori Is Not Available For Consoles, Yet

Omori Video Game Butt Certificate

Those who want to play Omori on the consoles will have to wait a little longer for a port to the Nintendo Switch or the PlayStation 4. When the game was initially funded in 2014, it was promised on older generation consoles. However, with the game releasing in late 2020, it makes sense to release Omori on current consoles still supported by their company.

Where Can I Download Omori?

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Keep in mind, Omori is not free. You can support the developers of the game by purchasing and downloading Omori through the Steam page. Omori is currently running 19.99 USD, which (despite it being an indie-developed game) is well worth the money.

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Check out the teaser trailer for our upcoming horror RPG

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