When Will Visage Come Out Come Out For VR?

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When Will Visage Come Out Come Out For VR
When Will Visage Come Out Come Out For VR

Visage has been in development much longer than Phasmophobia, a game considered to be one of the best horror VR experiences on the market today, but it has yet to have a VR version itself. Visage did dabble in VR during its early access phase but has since been patched out when it launched in October, leaving many to wonder if the developer will ever bring Visage back to VR.

Visage Will Not Support PlayStation VR

Visage Lucy's Tree House
Visage Lucy’s Tree House

Many were shocked in October when Visage released for the consoles. We assumed the game would only be for PC, so the console release was an early Christmas gift. However, the developers have already stated there are no plans to support PlayStation VR as it’s a completely different system than VR for the PC.

When Will VR Support Come To Visage?

Visage Gameplay

While Visage has no current plans to support PlayStation VR, they are working on VR support, expected to release sometime in 2021. The VR support will be for PC only since the new PlayStation 5 has no official VR support. The developers understand how immersive a VR horror experience would be, especially with the rising success of Phasmophobia’s virtual reality, so the pressure is on to have a good VR experience.

Many are stating across multiple forums how they’re waiting for Visage’s VR support before they purchase the game, so expect the floodgates to open sales-wise whenever it happens in 2021.

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