When Will The Beta Changes Come To The Main Game In Phasmophobia?

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When Will The Beta Changes Come To The Main Game In Phasmophobia
When Will The Beta Changes Come To The Main Game In Phasmophobia

There have been some well-received beta changes and not-so-well-received beta changes over the past couple of months for Phasmophobia. The game’s developer, Kinetic Games, uses the beta build of Phasmophobia to test what does and doesn’t work before moving it to the main game (one that’s still in its alpha state). However, it feels like some of the updates from the beta branch have been there for what seems like forever; when will these changes hit the live servers?

When Do Beta Changes Come To The Main Game?

Phasmophobia Video Game - Beta changes into the main game

There are a couple of factors that determine when or if the beta changes hit the main game:

  • Was the change well-received?
  • How popular was the change?
  • Was the change stable (did it break the game at all).

The time it takes for a beta change to come to the main game is also affected by any bugs. Sometimes, a change is well-received (like the ghost’s pathing as it’s hunting), but it takes multiple beta patches to fix the bugs. If everything goes well with a beta patch, then the changes that should go to the main game do go to the main game within a week or two. It could take up to a month.

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