When Is Phasmophobia’s Full Release?

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When Is Phasmophobia’s Full Release
When Is Phasmophobia’s Full Release

Phasmophobia has been around since late September, but it’s still in its early access stage. That means the game is still going through development as players are funneling into what is essentially a playable beta.

Where Is Phasmophobia Available?

Phasmophobia is currently available on Steam only while it’s in its early access phase. Phasmophobia supported Windows Mixed Reality, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Valve Index. While it would make sense for Phasmophobia to release on the PlayStation 4, there are currently no plans for the game to release on the PS4 or PS5 yet.

Will Phasmophobia Be Available In 2020?

Right now, there is no indication that Phasmophobia will be available for a full release in 2020. With all the issues Phasmophobia is having, it’s going to take some time to polish the game.

When Will Phasmophobia Be Available?

Kinetic Games plans to fully release Phasmophobia, sometimes in 2021. The full release of Phasmophobia is planned for next year with more content than what is currently available from more maps to more ghosts. Hopefully, there will also be more game modes.

Phasmophobia, the popular online co-op psychological horror taking over the streaming world, is currently available on Steam for the early access price of $13.99.

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  1. Gamers are so impatient. From what I’ve been hearing, Phasmophobia is a fun game as it is (in development) and it’s going to be even more fun once all the bugs are taken care of. Would you rather have the game come out when it’s not ready (just like WWE 2K20) or wait for a version that works right?

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