When Is Paranoid’s Release Date?

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When Is Paranoid’s Release Date
When Is Paranoid’s Release Date

Madmind Studios, the developer behind the horror games Agony and Succubus, released a trailer for its upcoming survival horror game: PARANOID. The trailer, released in 2018, shows a game that’s anything but the walking simulator horror games we are used to. Much like other survival horror games, Paranoid will utilize a system of mental health checks to keep the player from hallucinating or being at risk of dying. This mechanic appears in titles such as Amnesia, Phasmophobia, and Visage.

What Is Paranoid?

Paranoid Video Game Screenshot
Paranoid Video Game Screenshot

Players follow the story of Patrick Calman. Patrick has lived in an apartment he inherited from his dead parents. His only other family was his sister. Unfortunately, she disappeared 13 years ago. His isolation caused drug addictions and mental issues he has struggled to overcome. One day, Patrick receives a phone call from the same sister who disappeared over a decade ago. This phone call kicks off a series of events where players unravel the story of Patrick’s past.

Does Paranoid Have A Release Date?

Paranoid Video Game Screenshot 2
Paranoid Video Game Screenshot 2

The Paranoid game hopes to follow the recent success of other survival horror titles such as Phasmophobia and Visage. However, it looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer to see why Patrick’s sister is visiting after 13 years and what hostile creatures from beyond the grave he must overcome.

Paranoid has a planned release window of 2021. Does this immersive survival horror game look exciting to you?

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