What’s New In The June 2020 Update For Xbox One

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Available Video Games Xbox One
Available Video Games Xbox One

At the end of the year, Xbox Series X will be on sale. It will have an interface that should not differ too much from what Xbox One already offers us.

Therefore, the Xbox engineering team continues to ensure that it continues to bring news that makes our lives easier. After all, we already have enough to be seconds in a race of the Forza Horizon 4 after having repeated it a few times.

Although we are a little late, we do not hesitate to review the essential news of an update focused on simplifying the task of managing the video games that we have installed on the console.

The June Update Will Make It Easier To Identify Video Games From Different Subscriptions.

Now, the tiles of the video game will have a label next to it that will let us know which subscription they belong to, Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Live Gold or EA Access. This tag will be visible in the section My Games and Applications, Home and the Guide.

Xbox One Overview Video Games
Xbox One Overview Video Games

Another new label is the one that will be next to our Gamertag in the Start and the Guide, which will allow us to know at all times what service of the platform we are subscribed to, be it Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Additionally, an Xbox Game Pass content block has been added to the top of the interface dashboard on Xbox One.

Finally, to facilitate navigation through the Clubs section, a verification credential has been added that will appear next to the club. It is to distinguish which belong to player communities and which are official.

As for future news, we know that today, one of the aspects that will undergo a radical change will be the Xbox Store. We encourage you to visit our website frequently and follow us through our social networks to stay up to date with all the news about the Xbox platform.

These Games Will Hit Xbox Game Pass This Week

Besides the interface update, Microsoft confirmed that a total of 4 games would be joining the Xbox Game Pass this week. It is essential to mention that they are all independent titles that come to the service as part of ID @ Xbox.

The title that opens this week is Night Call, Project of Monkey Moon, BlackMuffin and Raw Fury. This proposal will put you in the role of a taxi driver who works in Paris. However, soon you will discover that he is more than a chauffeur since he is looking for a serial killer that he faced in the past.

Another game that stands out from the list is The Messenger, which is finally coming to Xbox One. The Sabotage Studio game will premiere directly on Xbox Game Pass for the console. Below I leave you the list of new titles with their respective dates and platforms:

June 24:

June 25th:

  • Observation (Xbox One and PC)
  • Streets of Rogue (Xbox One)
  • The Messenger (Xbox One)

Image credits: Microsoft Xbox One

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