What’s An Easy Way To Grind In Omori?

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What’s An Easy Way To Grind In Omori
What’s An Easy Way To Grind In Omori

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If you’re like me, then you’re so engrossed in Omori’s story that you fall behind a little bit on the levels. Boss fights seem almost impossible, and even regular monsters have you reaching deep into your pockets for the clams needed to buy more healing items. This is a sign that you might need to take some time and do some grinding.

Is There An Easy Way To Grind In Omori?

Omori Game Wiki Pefectly Roasted Chicken Like To Eat Some

If you notice, it seems no matter where you go; there’s a picnic blanket with Mari, who is ready to offer sound advice and delicious food and drink. When clicked, they heal up the party’s heart and juice. This doesn’t sound very efficient when it comes to grinding, but it might be the most efficient way to grind in some areas.

Think about it.

Omori Game Wiki A Single Block Of Tofu

Monsters respawn when you leave an area and come back to it. If you’re in an area where Mari’s blanket is close to another area where there are 2-3 monsters you can grind through (like Pyrefly Forest) before needing to heal up, then you can do a bit of grinding there.

Simply kill enough monsters (until you reasonably need to heal up), then run back to Mari’s picnic blanket to get everyone topped off for another round. It’s best to stay a couple of levels above where you would normally be at for an area, so regular monsters (and even some bosses) become trivial.

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