What Your Among Us Color Says About You

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What Your Among Us Color Says About You
What Your Among Us Color Says About You

Yes, we’re writing a Cosmopolitan-style article about Among Us. This is the internet; we can do what we want. We’re going to go down each color and let you know the type of person we assume you are based on the Among Us color you choose. They say your favorite colors have a lot to say about your personality, so here we go:


You enjoy bloodshed; you’re not the type of person who wants to be a crewmate. In fact, you’re probably one of those people who leave right after you’re killed so you can keep jumping into different lobbies until you are the crewmate.


You’re the opposite of red; you hate being the imposter. If you are the imposter, you’re so bad at it that you admit it when a dead body is reported instead of trying to deflect blame off of yourself.


You’re the epitome of salty in Among Us. You probably leave if you’re voted out. That’s why the game ends so abruptly when you forced close because you hate the fact you couldn’t keep people from figuring you out.


You just like doing meaningless tasks. Whether you’re swiping cards or cleaning out trash chutes, you just love doing chores. In fact, after your neck is snapped, you’re happy because you can freely float around and finish your business.


You wait in the cafeteria and hit the emergency room button for no reason because you’re chaotic evil.


You’re so bad with the swipe card in admin that people start thinking you’re sus. They’ll run and hit the emergency button to say, “black was just standing there, MENACINGLY!”


You’re always the first person everybody suspects because you share the same color as some annoying childhood television puppets.


You choose this because you know nobody knows what “cyan” is, so they don’t want to say “light blue” or “teal” because it would technically be wrong.


Brown is such a boring color, and you play the game that way too. You do your tasks, kill if you should kill, and deflect if you need to deflect. No emotion is put into this game.


Absolutely zero people use the term “fortegreen,” so you choose it so you can correct people who say “dark green.”

What’s you favorite color in Among Us?

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