What Will Sonic The Hedgehog’s 30th Anniversary Bring In 2021?

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Sonic The Hedgehog
Sonic The Hedgehog

Everyone’s making a big deal about Nintendo and Super Mario’s 35th anniversary, but now that all the news is dying down, we can start looking forward to Sega’s main pull: Sonic The Hedgehog. This anthropomorphic blue hedgehog has been collecting rings and busting in the face of his arch-nemesis, Doctor Eggman, for almost 30 years. 2021 will mark Sonic The Hedgehog’s 30th anniversary, and there’s bound to be some goodies associated with the celebration.

It seems big announcements come in 5 years increments when it comes to Sonic The Hedgehog’s anniversary announcements. Back in 2016, when Sega was celebrating Sonic The Hedgehog’s 25th anniversary, they did so by announcing two major Sonic titles: Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces. However, they didn’t come out until two years after the announcement. That’s why, when it comes to Sonic The Hedgehog’s 30th anniversary in 2021, we’re only expecting to hear game announcements. We may even see the trailer for the Sonic The Hedgehog 2 movie. It’s no wonder the Sonic the Hedgehog movie is getting a sequel since it’s was so successful at the box office, growing over $300 million worldwide. That’s not bad for a movie adaption of a video game since video game movie adaptions have been historically terrible.

It’s also not surprising that the news of a Sonic The Hedgehog’s 30th-anniversary announcement comes on the heels of Nintendo announcing Mario’s 35th-anniversary titles. However, the Sonic 30th anniversary wasn’t officially announced by Sega as much as it was an advertisement in Licensing Source Book Europe. Sonic and Mario have historically been friendly rivals taking on each other in the Mario & Sonic series, mainly taking place at various Olympic games. Mario and Sonic are technically playable characters in the Smash series (Super Smash Bros, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, etc.), but those aren’t considered a part of the Mario and Sonic series.

While Super Mario is a bit older than Sonic as far as game franchises are concerned, we’re looking forward to seeing what 2021 has in store for us for both major characters.

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  1. 30th anniversary? Woow I still remember being a kid and playing the original game hahaha, time flies. I really look forward to some cool announcements for the franchise next year.

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