What Type Of Among Us Player Are You?

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What Type Of Among Us Player Are You
What Type Of Among Us Player Are You

There are different types of Among Us players who pop into the lobby, and they can make the game very fun, very boring, or very annoying. Let’s take a look at the different Among Us players and let us know which one you are.

The One Who Plays Normally

If you’re a crewmate, you do your tasks, tell the truth about what you did, and tell the truth about what you saw. You’re not problematic at all. If you’re the imposter, you play by the rules. You vent after a kill when no one else is around and try to deflect the game. You play the game it was meant to be played.

The Chaotic Evil Player

If you’re a chaotic evil player, you will blame anyone for the fun of it as a crewmate. Even if you have no idea who is the imposter, you’ll tell the group some random person did it because you want to see them ejected. If you’re the imposter, you’re the most vocal about it being someone else and get angry if things aren’t going your way.

The Hacker

The hacker is the most annoying type of person in Among Us lobbies. They come in, mass kill, and leave. Either that, or they’ll come in, not allow anyone to vote, and win by default. It’s absolutely dreadful. There’s no reason to hack in Among Us; there’s no way to track wins and losses. What do you hack in Among Us for?

Which type of player are you in Among Us?

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