What To Do If You’re Stuck On The Cliff After The Dead Deer In The Medium

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What To Do If You’re Stuck On The Cliff After The Dead Deer In The Medium

It seems, no matter where you go in The Medium right now, you encounter a game-breaking bug. While the developers are working on fixing one of the most anticipated games of 2021, it’s upsetting knowing it’s almost unplayable at some points. One of the bugs players encounter is getting stuck on a cliff after seeing a dead deer. Is there a fix for this?

Don’t Restart The Whole Game

The Medium Game - Marianne Running Through The Forest

If you’re at the point where Marianne is running through the forest, you’ll get an auto-save there. When you continue through the forest, you’ll encounter a dead deer. You’ll see it as you’re moving down the path and don’t need to deviate too much. However, some players are reporting that they’re getting stuck at that point. However, going back to the most recent save isn’t doing anything, so some have restarted their entire game.

Reload The Save File Before The Deer

The Medium Game - Marianne Walking Through The Forest

Yes, you’ll have to go through a couple of minutes of annoying gameplay again, but there is a way to skip cutscenes. It should only take you about ten minutes to get back to that point. Load the game file with Thomas before going into the forest.

It’s an annoying bug but, fortunately, this one doesn’t make The Medium completely unplayable.

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