What Systems Is Phasmophobia On?

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What Systems Is Phasmophobia On
What Systems Is Phasmophobia On

Phasmophobia, a horror game many are lauding as one of the scariest games ever made, is garnering attention worldwide. Many are wondering if this indie game will release on other systems or wonder which systems Phasmophobia is already on.

What Systems Is Phasmophobia On?

Right now, Phasmophobia is downloadable from Steam for Microsoft Windows. While playable on mouse and keyboard, Phasmophobia has VR support with:

Will Phasmophobia Release On Other Systems?

Despite Phasmophobia trending upward, the game is still in its early access phase. That means the developers, Kinetic Games, are still working on polishing the game’s development for the PC. Right now, there are some bugs and other issues keeping Phasmophobia in its early access phase.

While there are calls from gamers who don’t own a PC to have a port for their system (like the Nintendo Switch), it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen anytime soon.

Is Phasmophobia Worth Playing In Its Early Access Phase?

If you’re thinking of running off to the store to buy a PC just to play Phasmophobia, then you have to weigh the pros and cons. Right now, Phasmophobia is a hot title, and it doesn’t look like it will lose momentum any time soon. However, the game is marred with small issues right now, at no fault to the developer; it’s something you agree to when you purchase the game in its early access phase.

While Phasmophobia isn’t on the PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox yet, we’re hoping Kinetic Games sees the massive demand from an untapped market.

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