What Players Need To Know Ahead Of NBA 2K21’s Demo Release

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NBA 2K21 Video Game Screenshot
NBA 2K21 Video Game Screenshot

NBA 2K21 looks to usher in a new era of sports video games to the current generation of gaming platforms when it releases next month in September for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia. It will also bring some much-needed improvements when the next generation of consoles drops with the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5. Those who purchase the Mamba Forever Edition of NBA 2K21 for the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 will have access to a free upgrade to the next-generation consoles upon release.

The Mamba Forever Edition of NBA 2K21 not only has a free upgrade to next-generation consoles, but it will include 10,000 MyTEAM points, 100,000 virtual currency, 60 MyCAREER skill boosts, 40 MyTEAM promo packs, MyPLAYER shoe collection, 2 sapphire cover athlete cards, MyPLAYER backpack and ball, and a Mamba Forever Edition Cover Athlete Digital Collection. There are also more virtual currency and MyTEAM points when pre-ordering NBA 2K21 Mamba Forever Edition.

Despite being a next-generation NBA NK game, there are only some gameplay elements that are getting complete reworks and improvements. Some changes are not really noticeable, but there are some new features to get excited about. There will be more motion styles added to make the experience more immersive and lifelike. Instead of each player having the same motion and animation, each individual player will try to emulate their real-life counterparts. Players can also focus more on defense in the game with an improved block targeting system in place. Weaker shots at the rim can be blocked easily compared to NBA 2K games in the past that frustrated players to no end. There will also be 40 additional jump shot landings, 50 new size-ups, the removal of the quick draw badge, and shooting upgrades for the pro stick.

NBA 2K21 – Announcement Trailer | PS5

Despite some visual and loading time changes from current-gen to next-gen NBA 2K21, there won’t be that much difference between the two versions. Due to the global pandemic, it’s also understandable that there’s not going to be anything truly groundbreaking.

However, there’s bound to be some impressive visuals, especially from the Xbox Series X in the next-generation that comes with DDR6 RAM, 8k resolution, 120 frames-per-second, variable refresh rate, and real-time ray tracing. This will account for a massive increase in the quality of the graphics for NBA 2K21.

It’s worth picking up NBA 2K21 for the next-generation, and it’s also worth looking into the demo that will be available on August 24th.

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