What Is Ubisoft Connect?

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What Is Ubisoft Connect
What Is Ubisoft Connect

It seems to have everything in-house is the newest trend for game publishers, and that’s exactly what Ubisoft is doing with their Ubisoft Connect hub. If you’re familiar with Uplay and Ubisoft Club, then you’ll know the general idea behind Ubisoft Connect.

What Is Ubisoft Connect?

Designed for the future of gaming, Ubisoft Connect includes:

  • Cross-platform features.
  • In-game services.
  • Communities and social features.
  • Dedicated news feeds.

Ubisoft Connect is designed to bring new services and features specific to Ubisoft titles across different platforms and generations.

What Else Will Ubisoft Connect Bring?

Ubisoft Connect will also:

  • Base any video recommendations on your in-game activities.
  • Track stats and play style for players to monitor progress.
  • Provide a leaderboard system to compare with friends.

Ubisoft Connect looks seamless and could possibly kick off a trend of future publishers connecting all their games this way.

When Is Ubisoft Connect Coming Out?

Ubisoft Connect will be available on October 29th, which also marks the release of Watch Dogs: Legion. Ubisoft plans to integrate all future Ubisoft games onto their platforms and future platforms such as the PlayStation 5 on November 15th and the Xbox Series X and S on November 10th. Ubisoft also plans to release Ubisoft Connect to Amazon Luna, Nvidia GeForce Now, and Google Stadia sometime in the near future.

Are you looking forward to Ubisoft Connect?

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