What Is The Title Of Final Fantasy XIV 6.0?

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What Is The Title Of Final Fantasy XIV 6.0
What Is The Title Of Final Fantasy XIV 6.0

It’s time for the end of the Final Fantasy XIV saga between Zodiark and Hydaelyn, and 6.0 will see us to the end of the story. The Final Fantasy XIV Announcement Showcase has come and gone, and we’ve found out a whole list of new information for us to get excited about. We also learned the title Final Fantasy XIV’s next expansion.

What Is The Name Of The Final Fantasy XIV 6.0 Expansion?

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker
Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker

The next expansion is appropriately named: Endwalker. This signals the end of the current saga in Final Fantasy XIV. After 6.0, we’re going to enjoy a whole new story in FFXIV. We’ll be done with Hydaelyn, Zodiark, the Ascians, and maybe even the Scions. We’ll could meet a whole new cast of characters in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker.

What Will Come With The Expansion?

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker - Please look forward to it
Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker – Please look forward to it

The new expansion has a list of new features, including:

  • An Island Sanctuary
  • Estinien as a trust
  • A Pandaemonium raid series
  • New challenging dungeons
  • Anima

And much more!

What are you looking forward to the most with Final Fantasy XIV 6.0?

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Sea Of Trees Trailer.

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