What Is The Rain Cloud In Omori?

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What Is The Rain Cloud In Omori
What Is The Rain Cloud In Omori

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There are many different items in Omori; some are purchased through the mailbox, some are found out in the world when progressing through the story in watermelons, others are found from monster drops, or by completing side quests. One such item found in Omori is the Rain Cloud, an item that influences the player’s emotions.

How Does The Emotion System In Omori Work?

The emotion system in Omori is relatively simple. However, it takes a couple of fights to master it. For example, if you’re fighting against an angry enemy, you’ll want to make your players happy, as anger is weak to happiness. Sadness is weak to anger but strong against happiness. Each emotion has its strengths and weaknesses. Sadness might come at the cost of speed, but it increases defense and drains some juice instead of heart. The rain cloud influences sadness in the game, but what is it?

What Is The Rain Cloud In Omori?

Omori Video Game Rain Cloud Sadness

The rain cloud is a usable item in Omori that inflicts sadness on all friends. It doesn’t just make one friend sad, but it makes all of the friends sad. This is great for a boss fight where the boss is angry and cannot be pacified by an item or Hero’s massage ability. It’s an especially useful item to use against Space Ex-Boyfriend. Don’t use the rain cloud item on normal monsters. Save it for when you really need it.

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