What Is “Sunsetting” In Destiny 2?

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What Is “Sunsetting” In Destiny 2
What Is “Sunsetting” In Destiny 2

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep came out earlier this month. Many believed it would save the franchise from its clear decline in the eyes of its dedicated player base. Unfortunately, those who have hundreds of hours into the game are already angry at the fact half the game was vaulted, that it only made matters worse when almost a quarter of the game’s content is “sunset,” but what is it?

What Does Sunsetting Mean In Destiny 2?

The sun always sets, no matter how much we want to stop time. This is how sunsetting in Destiny 2 works:

  • All weapons and armor have a max cap that cannot raise once a new level cap is introduced (this does not apply to exotics).
  • The sunset timer starts once a piece of gear or weapon debuts and is “sunset” a year after its release.
  • The timer for sunsetting starts when the piece of gear debuts in the game, not when the player receives it.
  • Sunsetting was introduced so Bungie could continue creating different weapons instead of keeping current weapons balanced.

What Do Players Think About Sunsetting In Destiny 2?

Judging from what we’ve seen so far across different communities, the reception has been largely negative. Players with hundreds of hours in Destiny 2 are quitting or believe the game is a shell of what it once was.

Bye Destiny 2 For Now
Bye Destiny 2 For Now
Bye Destiny 2 For Now
Bye Destiny 2 For Now Too
Bye Destiny 2 For Now Too

What are your thoughts on sunsetting in Destiny 2?

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  1. im so annoyed by this update this took out so much content, what’s even the point of it anymore? there’s nothing to grind for when ur weapons are basically unusable

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