What Is Phasmophobia Asylum Map?

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What Is Phasmophobia Asylum Map
What Is Phasmophobia Asylum Map

An Asylum is a staple in horror tv shows, movies, and video games, and Phasmophobia is no different. Phasmophobia does have a map called “Asylum,” and it’s just as scary as you would think.

What Is Phasmophobia Asylum Map?

Asylum in Phasmophobia has over 200 rooms. Anyone trying to do Asylum alone in Phasmophobia has some serious time and courage. It’s easy to get lost in the Asylum. The Asylum map has multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, storage rooms, utility rooms, medical offices, and other miscellaneous rooms.

Where Are The Asylum Light Switches?

You’ll notice when you walk into the Asylum that it is almost pitch-black. The only light you have is whichever flashlight you brought in with you. If you want to turn on the main Asylum lights, you will have to navigate your way to the light switch panels behind the lobby desk.

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How Many Floors Are In The Asylum?

The Asylum map in Phasmophobia has two floors, each with its own set of rooms. It’s clear when moving through the second floor that it wasn’t where the Asylum residents lived. There’s a lounge area, occupational therapy office, and other office rooms that indicate this was where the staff and residents worked, played, and shopped.

What Ghosts Are Found In The Asylum?

As with any map in Phasmophobia, the ghosts found in the Asylum are completely random. Players will need to utilize their ghost-hunting tools to decide if a ghost is an Oni, Demo, Shade, Yurei, Shade, Revenant, Mare, Jinn, Banshee, Poltergeist, Phantom, Wraith, or Spirit.

Are There Any Tips For The Asylum In Phasmophobia?

Depending on the difficulty the player’s decide to tackle, some general tips for winning the Asylum map are:

  • Stick together
  • Assign a role for everyone
  • Don’t do anything alone
  • Be careful not to trigger a ghost event before the team is ready
  • Have someone in the truck to coordinate the team inside

Hopefully, when Phasmophobia is out of early access and releases its full game, more fun and challenging maps like the Asylum will be released.

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