What Is Life Jam In Omori?

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What Is Life Jam In Omori
What Is Life Jam In Omori

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When you first enter the Otherworld in Omori and click on the mailbox, you’ll notice it sells an item at a steep 300 clams called: Life Jam.

Omori Video Game Life Jam Spirit Of Life

However, when you think of how little clams we have at this point, 300 is kind of steep. Yes, it brings party members back when they’re “toast” (dead), but big brain thinking is, you don’t need Life Jam if you don’t die.

Omori Video Game Meme Life Jam

Fortunately, as you progress deeper into The Otherworld, you’ll pick a couple up in the Junkyard alone.

Omori Video Game Life Jam Guy

Unfortunately, one of the ways you get Life Jam in the Junkyard is by encountering the Life Jam Guy. He introduces himself before quickly assaulting children to prove the effectiveness of his product.

Omori Video Game Life Jam Works

See? Life Jam really works!

Well, thanks? We could have figured that out without getting beaten up by a Kool-Aid Guy’s cousin.

Omori Video Game Got Life Jam

As you’re getting over the trauma of Life Jam Guy, you actually end up finding one inside one of the containers after you pick up the Junkyard key before the save point.

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