What Is Labyrinthine?

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What Is Labyrinthine
What Is Labyrinthine

If you’ve seen a survival horror game played on Twitch recently, but tried to search for it on Google, let us be the first to tell you: it’s spelled “Labyrinthine.” It’s not spelled like the 1984 movie labyrinth, the card game, or any other disambiguation of the name. Now that we’ve got the spelling out of the way, let’s take a look at what Labyrinthine is.

Labyrinthine Is A Cooperative Survival Horror Game

We don’t want to say survival horror is a relatively new concept. We’ve had so many survival horror games over the years we seem to forget about them when the next one comes out completely. However, there’s a very short list of cooperative survival horror games on the market today, and if there’s anything people love, it’s getting spooked together.

Game developers are starting to understand this concept. Yes, we love Outlast, Amnesia, Five Nights at Freddy’s, but we can only play them for so long before we get bored of playing with ourselves or streaming to other people who wish they could play with us. Sure, we’ve had a few cooperative survival horror games before, like Resident Evil 5 or Dying Light, but they’ve always been titles where we had weapons to take on zombies. We’ve only recently seen games where we work together against enemies we cannot kill. That’s why games like Phasmophobia and Labyrinthine are fun to play with other people because there’s more to quelling anxiety than just blowing the enemy’s brains out.

Labyrinthine Brings Back Puzzles

Running around a dark maze, not knowing what could pop out around the next corner, might sound fun at first, but if there’s nothing to do other than running around screaming, people would get bored rather quickly. Fortunately, Labyrinthine brings puzzles into the mix. The puzzles are rather simplistic, save for one rather frustrating one, but at least there’s more to do in the maze than scare yourself silly.

Labyrinthine Is Still In Its Early Access

Much like Phasmphobia, Labyrinthine is still in its early access phase. That means any review complaining of the game’s bugs or lack of content is a bit premature, but so are any reviews praising it as the second coming of Jesus when it comes to survival horror. Expect to run into a few issues.

While the game is relatively short, you’re only losing the cost of a large meal at Mcdonald’s for a couple of hours of frightening gameplay. It’s worth the sacrifice for two or three hours of anxiety.

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