What Is Horror 2.0 For Phasmophobia’s Overhaul?

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What Is Horror 2.0 For Phasmophobia’s Overhaul

We already know about the general changes and overall overhaul of Phasmophobia and one of the changes in Phasmophobia’s changes was Horror 2.0, but what is it?

Phasmophobia’s Overhaul Ghost Hunting

Phasmophobia itself is already terrifying, but we all know there’s room for it to be even scarier. Having the ghost pop up in your voice, whisper into your ear, sing, or do other creepy things can make the skin crawl, but we know there is more Kinetic Games can do to make Phasmophobia even scarier.

Phasmophobia’s Overhaul Truck Monitor

Here are the notes under the major update for Phasmophobia regarding Horror 2.0:

  • New Ghost Events
  • Ghost Events Overhaul
  • Hallucinations
  • New Death Rooms
  • New Death Animations
  • Sound Overhaul / Additions

The thought of new ghost events itself sounds terrifying. We don’t know what any of them could be, but imagine the types of hallucinations you’ll see in Phasmophobia. With a competitor in Ghost Hunter’s Corps coming out soon, we already have some kind of idea about what Phasmophobia could do as far as hallucinations. The screen could start shaking or it could get wavy. It might not be great for those with motion sickness, especially those who already get motion sickness with VR, but that could add a different element to the game.

Phasmophobia’s Overhaul Man Lying Dead On The Floor

New ghost room sounds interesting. There’s a theory out there that says the ghost itself doesn’t kill you but you die due to the complete loss of your sanity. In Phasmophobia’s death room, you see the ghost at the end of a twisted room. There’s nothing particularly scary about this room, so we’re excited to see what they’re doing with a death room.

Phasmophobia’s Overhaul Ghost Death Room

New death animations also sound great since the only animation currently is our characters getting choked out and falling in hilarious positions. We’re excited to see the multiple ways we can die after getting grabbed by a ghost.

Which changes are you most excited about with Horror 2.0 in Phasmophobia?

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