What Is Going On With Elden Ring?

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Elden Ring Video Game
Elden Ring Video Game

Elden Ring was announced at E3 2019 from the creators of the Souls series, Hidetaka Miyazaki. Miyazaki is bringing in the master worldbuilder George R. R. Martin to help create a once-in-a-lifetime action role-playing game. Elden Ring has been in development-silence since 2017 and will be an open-world game. However, instead, towns filled with NPCs, like Skyrim, there will be dungeons that help drives the story. FromSoftware, the studio behind the Bloodborne, Souls, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, brings Elden Ring to life, but what exactly is it?

The reveal at E3 2019, which is currently the only trailer for an entire year, only shows some characters in a cinematic scene without revealing any gameplay. However, knowing the studio behind Elden Ring, it’s most likely going to be similar to Souls’ gameplay. It will be a mixture of open-world gameplay and interconnected dungeons. How they’re going to have open-world gameplay without non-playable characters in sprawling towns is going to be interesting, and everyone is wondering how they’re going to pull it off, but since E3 2019, we haven’t heard a thing. The Elden Ring Subreddit wasn’t exactly pleased that it wasn’t even at Gamescom. Fans of the game have made a meme of persevering through months’ worth of events without hearing anything. Maybe Elden Ring was the victim of setbacks due to the global pandemic ravaging all media forms right now, but the neverending silence is deafening. 


In fact, the impatience for any kind of announcement is making people create their own playable demo of the game. These demos are obviously not from the real game, but it’s a sign that players are waiting for anything regarding Elden Ring to satisfy their impatience. It’s nice to see how creative people are getting while waiting to be excited or disappointed in their evergrowing expectations of the game now. 

Even with just one trailer, some are saying Elden Ring could potentially outdo the Dark Souls trilogy. Yes, the popular Dark Souls series might be shaking in its boots knowing Elden Ring is coming with a feature it was never able to do, which is open-world gameplay with a souls-style game. The fact that George R.R. Martin is involved means it will have a compelling storyline compared to what we had to put together with the Dark Souls’ series.

Right now, all gamers have is one trailer and plenty of speculations. Hopefully, the next gaming event not affected by COVID-19 will bring us much-needed news.

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